Secure, simple,
and fast

Improve your business operations with Hostereo cloud services.

Speed up every process in your business with just a few steps

Hostereo computes are made up of high-speed Intel CPUs and local SSDs. Discover why our virtual machines blow the competition out of the water.

Choose your Data Center

We have data centers in New York, Amsterdam, and Tel Aviv.
All centers use 100% local SSDs and high-performance Intel CPUs. You can select whichever you prefer.

Choose your OS

You can choose from among seven operating systems. We take into account all possible needs and provide you with an abundance of choice.

Create Instance from Snapshot

You can also create an Instance from a Snapshot by copying all the relevant settings.

Easy Management

Easily manage your Instance, create Backups and Snapshots in one click, and set firewall rules in one window.


High Availability Backups & Snapshots

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