Protect your infrastructure in just a few clicks and set the services that will appear on your Instance. Cloud Firewalls are an excellent free solution for staging and deployment.

High Availability Backups and Snapshots

100% Durability, replicated 3-times by independent data centers in different regions.

Resilient solutions that ensure your data is available even in an event of disaster such as fires, floods, earthquakes, power outages, war, network error, etc.

Unlimited Traffic

10Gbps bandwidth with unmetered traffic for each server (fair usage).
Our high-capacity networking features enable enterprises to deploy highly robust and scalable
cloud infrastructure.

Unique Marketplace

Enjoy 1-Click installations via our sophisticated app marketplace. Each app is preconfigured and maintained by our SysOps team. Quickly attract users to your application by making it an official App on the Hostereo Platform.

Redundant Network

We at Hostereo never compromise customer uptime. Our 15+ years of experience have taught us how to provide near 100% uptime using multihomed uplink providers, redundant network and equipment by reliable vendors like Cisco, Arista, Juniper and Dell servers.

Easy Deploy

We created a revolutionary control panel with an easy user experience in mind. You can create your instance in just a few simple steps. Just choose the location and operation system and get your own fast and flexible compute instance online ready for work.

Per Minute and Per MB Storage Pricing

Per minute and per Gb storage pricing. Don’t overpay for unused time. We only charge when your instance is available. Whenever the instance is deleted we charge you only for the time used.

User-Friendly Interface

Your time is valuable to us.
We created an intuitive and easy
to use system to get you online
as soon as possible.

Easy Management

Easily manage your instance, create backups and snapshots in one click, and set firewall rules in one window.