Below, you’ll find a complete price list of our products



The maximum you can be billed for one instance is its standard monthly cost. Hostereo will bill you for each minute of instance usage, up to 672 hours, or 28 days. If you use the Instance for more than 672 hours in one month, you will need to pay the entire monthly price for using that server. However, if you selected an instance plan that costs $20 per month but you used your Instance for only 7 days (or 168 hours) during the entire month, you will only need to pay $5 since you will be charged at the per-minute rate. Keep in mind that our per-minute rate is equal to the monthly rate, so if you don’t use the Instance for the entire month, per-minute billing will allow you to pay less. With Hostereo, you’re only paying for the time you actually use your servers.


The cost of instance snapshots is $0.000074 per GB per hour or $0.05 per GB per month. The snapshot price depends on the size of the snapshot, not the size of the instance. Snapshot usage is billed separately from instance usage.


We charge $7 to create one backup plan which allows you to back up 200 GB of data. If you require more storage space for instance backups, you can purchase it at a price of $0.000074 per GB per hour or $0.05 per GB per month.​