Virtual Machine

Virtual Machine


Virtual Machine

Our VPS (Virtual Private Server) solutions embody unmatched speed, uptime, and security, setting a gold standard in cloud computing.

Unmatched Performance and Scalability

Our VPS hosting is powered by the market’s fastest CPU – the high-end Intel Xeon Gold.

Paired with rapid SSD NVMe storages, we ensure quick data retrieval and storage, enabling businesses to operate at light speed.

Always On, Always Reliable

With a 99.99% SLA uptime guarantee for our Virtual Machines, we ensure your business remains uninterrupted.

On-demand resource scaling means you can ramp up or down based on your requirements, ensuring optimal performance without unnecessary costs.


Global Reach with Local Speed

100% Durability, replicated 3-times by independent data centers in different regions.

Resilient solutions that ensure your data is available even in an event of disaster such as fires, floods, earthquakes, power outages, war, network error, etc.

Optimized for Seamless Interactions

We’ve engineered our VMs for smooth online experiences, offering optimal routing and networking configurations.

This ensures remarkably low ping times, crucial for real-time applications and services.

Stalwart Security Measures

Beyond our robust DDoS protection and advanced data encryption, our VPS servers are fortified with cutting-edge firewalls.

These meticulously designed barriers act as the first line of defense, ensuring unauthorized entities stay out. For those seeking an added layer of data privacy and operational security, our Second Reserved IP feature allows Customers to reserve an extra IP, ensuring distinct and targeted VM activities.

Comprehensive Data Solutions

Recognizing the critical nature of data, we offer high availability backups and snapshots.

This ensures that your data is not only protected from unforeseen circumstances but also quickly retrievable, minimizing potential downtimes.

User-Centric Management

With our intuitive, user-friendly control panel, managing your VMs becomes a breeze.

Whether you’re an expert or a beginner, our platform is designed to offer ease without compromising on functionality.

Round-the-Clock Support

Challenges don’t follow a 9-to-5 schedule, and neither do we.

Our dedicated 24/7 customer support is always ready, ensuring any queries or concerns you have are addressed promptly.

At Hostereo, we understand that every business is unique.

 That’s why our VPS hosting solutions are not just about technology but about aligning with your strategic objectives. Harness the power of our Virtual Machines and propel your business into the future.